EMT Intermediate 99 Exam

The NREMT-I is a certification exam very similar to the NREMT-B that is written by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and administered by Pearson VUE in order for an individual to demonstrate that he or she has the knowledge necessary to be an effective Emergency Medical Technician.

Unlike the NREMT-B, the NREMT-I allows the candidate to demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of life-saving techniques rather than a basic knowledge.

The exam is setup in a similar fashion to the NREMT-B and consists of a computerized multiple-choice exam that examines the candidate’s knowledge of both basic and intermediate life-saving techniques and a practical exam that allows an individual to demonstrate their ability to use these techniques.

The multiple-choice and practical exams cover all of the material covered on the NREMT-B, but also cover initial cardiac drug therapy, IV therapy, and endotracheal intubation.

The exam-taker will have 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam.

The exam is scored in exactly the same format as the NREMT-B and the candidate will receive a passing grade if he or she completes at least 85% of the exam correctly.

A candidate that passes the NREMT-I will be certified as an Intermediate EMT, also known as an EMT-I, and can serve on basic or intermediate life support units without additional supervision or on advanced life support units with a paramedic on board. However, there may also be additional certifications required to work as a certified Intermediate EMT depending upon the region or state in which you work.

An Intermediate EMT can use a larger variety of life-saving techniques than a Basic EMT can use, but that types of techniques that an Intermediate EMT can legally use in a particular situation are usually still limited to the techniques covered by the NREMT-I.

Potential candidates for the NREMT-I should contact the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians online or by phone to pay the registration fee and receive permission to take the exam.

Once the candidate receives permission to take the exam, the candidate can schedule a test date with Pearson VUE. The registration fee for the exam is currently $100.