RNAS-C Certification Overview

Registered nurses interested in becoming a registered nurse assistant at surgery (RNAS-C) and that have completed the Register Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) training program may choose to take the exam for the RNAS-C program. Certification provides an avenue for career development and progression through the validation of knowledge and skills regarding patient care.

To qualify to take the exam, an RN must complete 120 practice hours as an RFNA. A bachelor’s degree is not required for certification.

Let’s look into the test content for a better understanding of the knowledge required.

Test Details

The types of subject matter experts involved in exam development include RNs, RNFAs, and RNFA educators. They’ve created a body of applicable exam questions in the following subject areas:

  • Surgical Patient Care
  • Surgical Skills
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Procedure Considerations
  • Pre- and Postoperative Considerations

Candidates take the 150-question multiple-choice exam on paper or as a remotely proctored exam which can be taken at home or at work at your chosen time and location. You’ll have four hours to complete the exam with an optional 15-minute break with either format.

Registration Specifics

To apply for the exam, head to the NASC website. The certification fee, including the exam, is $425. Once you’ve registered and your application has been accepted by NASC, you must schedule the exam within four months. If you fail to do so, you’ll forfeit payment and registration, so rescheduling is a better option.

Scheduling will be completed through Prolydian, the testing vendor for NASC, using the account information provided upon application acceptance. Prolydian also handles any rescheduling request, yet you still must stay within the four-month window.

Preparation Recommendations

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Results and Retakes

Within 72 hours of exam completion, your results will be sent to you. If you’ve passed the exam on the first try, you can proceed with your certification. However, if you haven’t passed on the first try, you can schedule a retake that falls between 45 and 90 days of your first attempt date.

NASC does not permit more than three attempts with 12 months. Each retake will cost $325. If you plan to retake the test, remember to prepare, once again, for your gaps in knowledge.

Enhancing Future Success with the RNAS-C Certification

The RNAS-C certification is granted by NASC for three years. Following that time period, recertification is required. Don’t leave your future as a registered nurse assistant at surgery to chance. Plan to take the RNAS-C exam, complete all certification paperwork, prepare for the exam, and propel yourself to a successful career.