CLEP Test Breakdown

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) can be the college student’s best friend. It can save the expense, the time, and a lot of the frustration of taking courses with that the student is entirely familiar, whether through previous study or experience. CLEP exams are offered in 34 categories and touch upon many subject areas. … Read more

CLEP Management Exam Answer Key

1. A Michael Porter suggested that companies use three strategies to distinguish themselves from their competition. These strategies are: differentiation (finding a way to be different), cost-leadership (offering lowest prices), and focus (identifying a unique customer base). 2. C In his famous book The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith argues that productivity can be increased … Read more

Free CLEP Management Exam Practice Questions

1. Which of the following lists names three types of strategies companies might employ to distinguish themselves from their competition? Differentiation, cost leadership, focus Product modeling, benchmarking, contingency planning Product modeling, focus, benchmarking Differentiation, cost leadership, contingency planning Product modeling, focus, differentiation 2. Through which of the following did Adam Smith argue productivity could be … Read more

CLEP English Composition Exam Answer Key

Identifying Sentence Errors 1. The correct answer is C. We are only visiting one girl, so “friends” should be “friend.” The sentence should read: “We went on a trip out in the country to visit our friend, a girl I had known for many years.” 2. The correct answer is C. The patient is not … Read more

Free CLEP English Composition Exam Practice Questions

Identifying Sentence Errors Directions: The following sentences test your knowledge of grammar, usage, diction, (choice of words) and idioms. Note that some sentences are correct and no sentence contains more than one error. You will find the error, if there is one, underlined and lettered. Assume that the elements of the sentence that are not underlined … Read more

CLEP Business Law Exam Answer Key

1. The correct answer is D. If the breach of a contract is material and uncorrected, the other party is discharged. In other words, the other party does not have to perform its share of the contract. Also, the party that is charged with the material breach may be subject to fines or other remedies. … Read more

Free CLEP Business Law Exam Practice Questions

1. Which of the following best describes the effect of a breach of contract? Nonmaterial breaches that are uncorrected for a reasonable time discharge the other party. Any breach discharges the other party. No breaches automatically discharge the other party. If the breach is material and uncorrected, the other party is discharged. Nonmaterial breaches do … Read more

CLEP Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present Practice Test

As it turns out, while college is a wholly different experience from any other academic environment, it still shares a few similarities with high school. One of the biggest is the course load placed upon you, especially during your first year in school. Many colleges have a set of required courses students must take as … Read more

CLEP Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 Practice Test

When you think of Western Civilization, you may remember the World History class you took back in high school. However, many colleges feature the very same subject as part of their core general education requirements. Much like your degree courses, you will have to earn general education credits to graduate. The courses offered to complete … Read more

CLEP History of the United States II: 1865 to Present Practice Test

You already took an American history course in high school, so it may be a bit surprising to encounter the subject again now that you’ve moved on to college. You may have expected to dive right into your degree courses. However, many colleges have general education requirements that students must meet in order to graduate. … Read more

CLEP Social Sciences and History Practice Test

While the name may sound abstract, Social Sciences and History cover much of the same subjects you learned about in high school—which is why the possibility of having to take this class for your first year of college may come as a surprise. Whether you’re an aspiring history major or just trying to knock out … Read more

CLEP Natural Science Practice Test

The last time you took a course in the Natural Sciences was probably as far back as early high school, yet here it is showing up as part of your core education for your degree program. Now that you finally have the chance to pursue your degree and take courses that really interest you, the … Read more

CLEP Principles of Microeconomics Practice Test

Almost everyone took some sort of Economics class back in high school. However, if you’re planning on attending college, you may find yourself having to take the class all over again! First-year students may be expected to take Principles of Microeconomics, among others. This class could be part of your general education requirements, or part … Read more

CLEP Principles of Management Practice Test

If you plan on majoring in business management, you’ll have to take a large assortment of courses to ensure you have thorough knowledge of this complex field. However, you may not feel you need to take every course required for your degree program. Principles of Management, for instance, is a common first-year course meant to … Read more

CLEP Introductory Psychology Practice Test

If you’re planning on majoring in Psychology in college, you’re probably well-versed in the subject’s basics. That’s why, for some, the idea of taking a first-year Introductory Psychology course can be dissatisfying. If you’re already deeply familiar with the material an Introductory Psychology course has to offer and chafe at the idea of taking it, … Read more

CLEP Information Systems Practice Test

It’s a well-known fact that business is a complex, multifaceted discipline. If this is the major you’ve chosen to pursue in college, you know you have an intensive course load ahead of you, which is why you may not want to waste time taking any courses you either don’t want to take or don’t feel … Read more

CLEP Humanities Practice Test

Now that you’re in college, the courses you come across may be a bit more abstract than what you typically studied in high school. For instance, a common first-year course is Humanities, the study of art in all of its forms. Part of the goals of any college is to turn its student body into … Read more

CLEP Human Growth and Development Practice Test

No one should have to force themselves to take an uninteresting course. Whether you already know the materials or simply don’t care for the subject, there are resources at your disposal to get out of taking certain classes. One such class is Human Growth and Development, a common first-year course taken either as an elective, … Read more

CLEP English Literature Practice Test

Everyone remembers the English Literature courses they took back in high school. Depending on your interest level in the subject, the class may have been the most interesting you’ve ever taken, dreadfully boring, or somewhere in between. Regardless of how you felt about it back then, you may not feel the need or desire to … Read more

CLEP College Math Practice Test

There’s no subject that fills people with more dread than Mathematics. You might have struggled with this subject all throughout high school. Now that you’re in college, you may have assumed your days of plodding through math classes were over. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you’re embarking upon your very … Read more

CLEP College Composition Practice Test

After the long stretches of class time you spent in high school and possibly community college learning about the writing process, you may be less than thrilled at the idea of taking another course teaching the ins and outs of writing. For many college students, a College Composition course is a common and mandatory part … Read more

CLEP College Algebra Practice Test

When was the last time you took an Algebra course? The answer for many people would be back during their first year of high school, or perhaps even during middle school. It may come as a surprise to learn you’ll have to take a College Algebra course now that you’ve moved on to higher education. … Read more

CLEP Business Law Practice Test

If you’re planning on studying Business, you likely already know quite a bit about it and how it works. You may even already have some experience running a business independently! That’s why it may be a bit disheartening that your new college expects you to take an Introductory Business Law course if you want to … Read more

CLEP Biology Practice Test

Now that you’ve graduated high school and entered college, your world is full of possibilities and academic challenges. However, you may be surprised to learn you’ll have to take some of the same courses you took early on in high school, such as Rhetoric and Biology. What’s the deal? Shouldn’t you be done with these … Read more

CLEP Analyzing Interpreting Literature Practice Test

The first year of college is always an exciting time. You’re gaining a sense of independence you’ve never had before, are being plunged into a new environment, and have the opportunity to meet and befriend new people from all walks of life. This experience will ultimately prove to be nothing like high school—in most regards. … Read more

CLEP American Literature Practice Test

There’s no doubt you encounter American Literature in its many forms throughout your high school career. Its prevalence in university courses should serve as no surprise as a result. While you’re effectively moving on to a new chapter in your life by starting college, the experience won’t be entirely different from what you encountered in … Read more

CLEP American Government Practice Test

Once you start college, you may find you suddenly have a lot on your plate. It’s true the environment greatly differs from high school. However, much like high school and below, there are a number of required courses you’ll have to complete to graduate—such as American Government. However, there’s a way to skip taking the … Read more

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TABE Practice Test

If you are preparing to take the TABE test, you realize that it is going to be a challenge. Every hour you spend preparing will help you get a better score. Going back to college (or trade school or technical school) after being out of high school for several years or decades can be a … Read more