What if there was a secret weapon that allowed you to cut a year or more out of the time it takes to get your college degree, while making your college experience more enjoyable, plus saving you potentially thousands of dollars in the process? Would you be interested? Of course you would; who wouldn’t be?

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Well, believe it or not, there really is such a “secret weapon”, and it’s called CLEP, which stands for College Level Examination Program. Of course, most students are somewhat familiar with CLEP, but many do not realize how powerful a program it is, or the massive benefits they can get out of the program. It may not be a literal secret, but given how little most students know about CLEP, it might as well be.

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A CLEP test is an exam that tests a person for college level knowledge of a particular subject, and if a person passes the exam, they will be given college credit as if they had actually taken the courses. For example, imagine a young lady who fell in love with English Literature in high school. She excelled at her studies in the field, making A’s, and pursued her own independent reading and study in her spare time.

Chances are good that this young lady has the knowledge she needs to pass a CLEP test in English Literature. By taking and passing the CLEP test, she will save money by not paying for the course or courses, she’ll possibly save time by reducing the amount of credit hours she still needs to earn in order to graduate, and she’ll avoid the boredom of spending hours and hours in a classroom reviewing material she has already mastered.

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Now, multiply that by several classes, which is certainly within reach of many incoming college students, and you can see the potential of CLEP testing. It’s not at all uncommon for someone to earn a year’s worth of college credits this way. At some private colleges, that would mean a saving of over $40,000. Now, it’s true that not all colleges accept CLEP credits, while some colleges accept only a few, but most colleges and universities have a generous CLEP policy.

It’s a shame that more students don’t take advantage of this wonderful program. Many of them might think that they’re not prepared to pass a CLEP exam in any subject, let alone several. While it’s true that not everyone is going to be able to test out of a year’s worth of classes via CLEP, most college students could easily obtain several credits this way. Here’s hoping that more students begin taking advantage of this secret weapon.

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