TExES Principal (068) Practice Test

A principal or assistant principal plays a crucial leadership role in school districts. These educators provide community, administrative and instructional leadership at their schools. Professionals in the state of Texas show their expertise by passing the TExES Principal (068) exam, which measures leadership ability in a number of areas.

How many questions are on the test?

There are 120 selected-response questions on the TExES Principal (068) exam.

What is the test fee?

Candidates must pay a $116 fee to take the exam.

What’s on the TExES Principal (068) exam?

The test contains three domains, or content area.

  • School community leadership tests three competencies and contains about one-third of the exam’s questions. These competencies include shaping campus culture, communication and collaboration and ethics. Topic areas can include:
    • Setting expectations and promoting learning
    • Supporting innovative thinking and risk taking
    • Consensus building and conflict management
    • Effective communication, internally and externally
    • Promoting integrity
    • Advocating for children
    • Protecting the rights of students and staff
  • Instructional leadership is the largest portion of the test, with about 44 percent of the exam’s questions. It tests four competencies in the areas of curriculum; learning culture; staff evaluation and development; and organizational, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Topics can include:
    • Facilitating effective campus curriculum, curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities and curriculum revision
    • Effective use of technology to enhance learning
    • Allocating resources effectively after analyzing needs
    • Understanding campus morale
    • Professional development activity engagement
    • Role definition
    • Solving problems using appropriate techniques
  • Administrative leadership tests two competencies and contains about 23 percent of the exam’s questions. Topics can include:
    • Effective budgeting, including working collaboratively with stakeholders
    • Resource management
    • How to use technology to enhance school management
    • Strategic implementation to ensure school equipment and systems operate safely
    • Crisis planning procedures
    • Applying various laws (state, local, federal) to school programs and operations.

How long will it take to complete the test?

Candidates can expect to spend five hours in the testing room. Candidates get 15 minutes for a tutorial and another 4 hours and 45 minutes to complete the test.

What is the minimum passing score?

Candidates must score at least 240 to pass the test.

How can I access my test score?

Test scores are available through your testing account. 

When will my TExES Principal (068) exam scores be available?

Candidates can expect to receive their scores about two to five days after the test.

When can I take the exam?

Candidates can take the test year-round. The test isn’t available on certain holidays.

Should I be able to find a test center in my area?

Yes, you should. The Texas Education Agency has contracted with a private company that has test centers across the state and country. 

Should I bring identification on the day of the exam?

Yes. Anyone taking the test should being two forms of identification. A government-issued ID with a photo and signature serves as the primary form of identification. A driver’s license is fine. You’ll also need another, supplemental form of ID that has a name and photo or a name and signature.

At what time should I arrive at the test center of the day of the exam?

Candidates should arrive early. Anyone more than 15 minutes late might not be allowed to take the test.

What about personal items? Am I allowed to bring those in the test room when taking the TExES Principal (068) exam?

No. Most personal items, including electronic devices and certain clothing items, are banned from the testing room.

What study tools will help me best prepare for the TExES Principal (068) exam?

The Mometrix study tools, written by test-taking professionals, are the tools you want. Our study guide takes candidates through the test areas that prove to be the most challenging for candidates. The guide also contains a study plan and tips on tackling questions that often trip up test takers on exam day.  Our flashcards are the perfect portable study system. Our large cards contain easy-to-understand answers that allow you to study anywhere.  These can help you prepare for the exam.

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