FTCE Agriculture 6-12 Practice Test (054)

The FTCE Subject #54 practice test—also known as the FTCE Agriculture 6-12 practice test—is just one of 41 total practice tests modeled after the FTCE Subject Area Examinations. Like its real life counterpart, this particular FTCE subject practice test gears toward aspiring Floridian Agriculture teachers.

As everyone familiar with the subject knows, Agriculture is far more complex than tending to plants and animals. It is a science with a large number of subtopics involved, all of which are included on the full Agriculture 6-12 exam. Said subjects include:

  • Natural Resources
  • Leadership
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Career Opportunities
  •  Agricultural System Technology
  • Employability Skills,
  • Plant Science
  • Soil Science
  • Animal Science

All FTCE subject practice questions will involve these subjects.

We understand you have to be familiar with these all of these subjects in order to prove your competency as an Agriculture 6-12 teacher. This is why we’ve mirrored our practice exam as closely after the full FTCE Agriculture 6-12 exam as possible, as well as tailored it so it’s usable in conjunction with the Mometrix Agriculture 6-12 study guide.