CLEP College Math Practice Test

There’s no subject that fills people with more dread than Mathematics. You might have struggled with this subject all throughout high school. Now that you’re in college, you may have assumed your days of plodding through math classes were over. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you’re embarking upon your very first year of college. To ensure students have a well-rounded education to complement their degree studies, most colleges require first year students to take several general education courses, College Mathematics included.

Even if you enjoyed math, the idea of taking this course may not be the most appealing. Luckily, there’s a way to get out of it! By earning a passing score on the CLEP College Mathematics exam, you can earn the credits you need toward your general education requirements as well as the ability to devote the time you would have spent taking a College Mathematics course to pursuing a course you’ll really enjoy.

Your average College Mathematics course fits many different subjects under its umbrella. To reflect this, the CLEP College Mathematics exam is complex, and covers seven different disciplines. The proper study tools will help you to brush up on everything you need to know for this exam. To help you prepare thoroughly, the Mometrix Test Preparation team has put together a CLEP College Mathematics practice test. It was designed to give you an accurate glimpse of what to expect from the real test.

On this practice test, you’ll find 60 CLEP College Algebra practice questions pertaining to such relevant subjects as:

  • Numbers (10 percent)
  • Algebra and Functions (20 percent)
  • Logic and Sets (15 percent)
  • Counting and Probability (10 percent)
  • Geometry (10 percent)
  • Financial Mathematics (20 percent)
  • Data Analysis and Statistics (15 percent)

For more comprehensive test preparation, we recommend using this resource alongside our CLEP College Mathematics study guide. Good luck!

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