CLEP English Literature Practice Test

Everyone remembers the English Literature courses they took back in high school. Depending on your interest level in the subject, the class may have been the most interesting you’ve ever taken, dreadfully boring, or somewhere in between. Regardless of how you felt about it back then, you may not feel the need or desire to take it again now that you’re in college! However, many colleges require its first-year students to take this course as part of their general education curriculum.

While this course and others like it are important to your ability to graduate, there’s a way you can get out of taking the class and still receive the proper credits you need. How? The answer comes in the form of the CLEP English Literature exam.

If you want to get out of taking this class, you’ll need to do well on this exam. That’s why you need only the best study tools as you prepare. Mometrix Test Preparation has you covered! We have put together a CLEP English Literature practice test.

Composed through careful observation of the real test’s formatting and content, our practice test is designed to familiarize you with what to expect from the real exam. All 95 of our CLEP English Literature practice questions pertain to one of the skills you’ll need for this particular exam.

Between 60 and 65 percent of CLEP questions will require you to:

  • understand the logic and meaning of a critical work
  • examine the literary structure of a piece of writing
  • distinguish the different elements of writing style
  • define what words and phrases mean based upon their context
  • recognize and think critically about imagery
  • figure out the mood and/or tone of a work.

35 to 40 percent of CLEP questions will assess how well you understand terms, history, and references relating to literature; as well as poetic metrics and notable authors.

This free practice exam pairs well with our CLEP English Literature study guide, but can also be used standalone. Study hard, and good luck!

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