Praxis Sociology (5952) Practice Test

You’ve spent years preparing to teach Sociology, and now your certification training is finally drawing to a close. Before you can step foot in the classroom, however, you must first earn a passing score on the Praxis Sociology practice test.

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You can use this free study tool to prepare at your own pace with a clear example of what the test has in store.

On the exam you’ll find a total of 120 Praxis Sociology questions, covering the following subjects:

  • Demography and Social Change (10 percent)
  • Sociological Perspectives and Methods of Inquiry (20 percent)
  • Social Institutions (15 percent)
  • Culture, Socialization, and Social Organization (25 percent)
  • Deviance and Conformity (15 percent)
  • Social Stratification (15 percent)

Feel free to take advantage of our Praxis Sociology practice test while you prepare! this resource is 100 percent free for you to use however and whenever you need.